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Implementing guidelines with microlearning

Want to see how it works?

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Reach them. Teach them.

Moving People

Reach your audience

You want to help your audience learn.

Reaching them should be the first thing on your mind. Don't just publish your guidelines online and hope your audience finds them. 

Use e-mailed quiz questions to drive an up to 90% participation rate!

Computer Werk van het bureau

Engage your audience

Draw in your audience with frequent
e-mailed quiz questions. They get:

  • a one-click experience

  • instant feedback

  • answer explanations 

  • points and badges

  • forum discussions

  • score dashboards


This keeps them 100% engaged with the content of your guidelines.

Help them learn

​Manage your question campaigns with ease.

  • scale to your entire audience

  • cater to specific target groups

  • monitor progress in real-time

  • adapt your campaigns on the fly

  • have fun with it!

Over 90% of users find these quizzes more enjoyable than e-learning!

Examples of use cases


Quality and safety

Hospitals use e-mail powered microlearning to help doctors, nurses and other staff to:

  • on-board as new employees

  • learn about protocols

  • prepare for accreditations

Professional associations

Implementation of guidelines

Professional associations use
e-mailed quiz questions to help their members:

  • learn about current guidelines

  • engage with new guidelines

  • discuss them with their peers

Educational institutions

Online learning for students

Educational institutions use formative question campaigns to help their students:

  • study online

  • engage with the material daily

  • discuss it with their peers

"Quick and fun way to stay up to date on the guidelines!"


Want to see how it works?

Thank you! We will send you a demo question soon!

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